❤️About Alyce, Paul and Banjo

Who are we?

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Who are we? What are we doing? How are we doing it? and WHY?

Hello beautiful person, My name is Alyce Procter, my Partners name is Paul Norman and our dog is Banjo… We are about to travel around Australia in a 35ft blue bus Whooo hoooo!!! … Welcome to our blog! 🙂

1stly, lets start of with the cutest member of our family…


xxxxxxxxxxxxx 1477457_516264075147960_977714218_n

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Banjo Facts

  • His Jack Russell cross Red ‘Heal’er … Yup, I dunno how it happened either lol.
  • Loves long walks on the beach
  • Enjoys pissing on trees
  • Hogs the bed
  • Always barks at possums
  • Gives the best cuddles
  • Has a fetish for chasing golf balls?…

He his our fur baby, we take him everywhere and love his beautiful kind heart… (just look at those freckles, is your heart melting yet?)

Now for the 2nd cutest member of the Family… ME… (jokes, its Paul)


Photo on 26-01-13 at 9.21 PM #2



About Paul (The Normal stuff) 

Age- 35

Star sign- Capricorn

Job Occupation- Plumber, Barrister and starting Musician

Interests – Traveling, Music, Animal rights, Building (renovations), Surfing (anything to do with water really, no surprise he is a plumber) Art, People, Rock Climbing and Pizza.

Facts about Paul.. 

  • Paul can knit and sew so well that he can talk to any grandma for hours
  • Has a large cluster of freckles just above his bum due to showing is plumbers crack for years (so CUTE)
  • His OBESSED with pizza
  • Drinks whisky with coke
  • whenever swimming in the ocean he always tries to go as deep as he can then set mini goals with himself about how long he can hold his breath for (he froths hard about it)
  • every single new place we go, he will analizye the WHOLE BUILDING, and then tell me EVERY SINGLE thing that isn’t right about it… aka, his a MASSIVE perfectionist… now I do it, and I’m still wigging out about the down pipe i saw today that was on a lean by 2 inches, lol
  • he can roar like a lion so well that it makes me wonder if he was infact a lion in his past life
  • He has NO shame what so ever about farting, and proceeds to tell everyone about how due to his choice not to eat meat that they do NOT smell (I disagree)
  • He can talk to anyone, about anything, for hours…
  • He wakes me up with kisses everyday
  • he randomly skates around the streets listening to rage against the machine on his long board skateboard
  • he has a very low tolerance for disrespect
  • Paul isn’t one to keep friendships going, he is so in the moment and focuses on whats in front of him, which is normally me lol!
  • He has a beautiful soul and is an amazing man



Why does paul want to Travel?

“I travel because freedom is the most important thing to me, freedom to explore, discover myself, to meet amazing people, to share experiences, to open my mind to new things… to live…. I am most alive when I am moving” By Paul..

ok… Now…

About Alyce…



Name- Alyce Sophia Procter

Age- 25

Star sign- Leo

Job Occupations – Art Therapist, Art Teacher, Swimming Teacher, Carer, Retail assistant (working in an Art store) , Wanna be Artist and Life model

Interest’s- Art, (painting, drawing, sewing, ink, EVERYTHING ART etc etc) Travel, Music, Dance, Food, anything ocean related, Birth, Photography, Farming, Art Therapy, Sex, Teaching, Education, OMG> SO MUCH!







Facts About Alyce 

  • I smell EVERYTHING… obsessively almost
  • I LOVE astrology… what star sign are you?
  • I never finish a cup of tea (hate it when it goes cold)
  • I have watched a crazy amount of birthing videos and day dream about being a birth photographer way to much (are you pregnant? can I please take photos? lol)
  • Family is everything… EVERYTHING!
  • I forgive and forget easily…
  • I question everything, Why? How? Who? Whennnnn?
  • Basically every single piece of clothing I own in from the op shop
  • I look at the world like a photo
  • Lip stick is my thing… LOVE IT!
  • When I make art, I go in to a happy world, nothing makes me happier then listening to my favorite tunes and making art
  • I sleep talk ALLOT
  • I could Knit for hours and hours and hours and hours
  • Finishing the sides of my canvas is painnnnnnnful
  • I drink honey whisky (yum)
  • There is ALWAYS paint on my hands
  • I’m going to start boogie boarding with a snorkel (shit yeah, frothing)

Why do I Travel?



Sending love your way! x


9 thoughts on “❤️About Alyce, Paul and Banjo

  1. Barbara Crane says:

    I just watched your journey on Tiny House World and was so intrigued by you that I hunted down your blog! I absolutely love your tiny home on the bus! It is so cool! We used to have a 33 ft trailer home and I really miss it!

    So, where do you cook? I didn’t see a cooktop or oven in your home. Do you cook on an outdoor cooker? When we had our trailer home, we never cooked inside. We called it our virgin oven and cooktop because they were brand new and had never been used lol. But we loved trying to figure out how to cook everything outdoors, even brownies!

    Anyway, just wanted to say hello and that I enjoyed watching your journey and I hope all is well with yall! Btw, I am from Texas, a little place called Helotes, just west of San Antonio. Australia is on our bucket list and it may come to fruition this Spring. Is Australia nice in the spring??


  2. Judy Scrase says:

    Hello! I would love to chat to you about your journey pulling that bus apart in order to make a home on wheels whilst you travel around Australia. We are casting for Tiny House World, to be filmed over next few months and aired in USA, Canada, Europe and Australia.


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