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Hooray, I am traveling Australia in my newly renovated bus with my beautiful partner Paul and dog Banjo. We will be interviewing people who are interesting, places we go and experiences that we have… To check out our bus… Read about the bus journey here The Bus renovation Journey #shareourblog #followus

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 Why do I want to Interview Dub FX? 


well, When I was 18, I left a small country town (lake Tyres) and moved to Prahran to my dads pad… when I was living there, I was seeing a beautiful man named Dan, who is now a barrister in the city, and travels the world (really interesting guy). We would always go on epic adventures together. We went to stkildafest together, and this is when I met one of the most inspiring musicians of my life… DUB FX! 


I was poor (had $10 to my name), was working in a high-end shoe store on chapel st getting paid $12 an hour… and I HATED it!… The ladies i met were just soooooooo different from all the country women that it was seriously like a massive culture shock, I actually lost my job from there, as i called everyone “mate”. Bahaha! (dicks)… MUST FOCUS! …. So it all ties back to Dub Fx… lol.. Right! So I’m at st Kilda fest with Dan, checking out all the stuff happening, and i see this street performer/busker… And i was just mesmerised by him… I stopped, sat down (right in front).. closed my eyes and just travelled with him and his music… So he does this epic thing (i don’t know the technical words) he records his sound, then loops it, and sings over the top of it…. Watch this youtube Clip… you’ll get the jist. I KNOW RIGHT! AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I did the only thing that a normal person would do… INVEST ALL YOUR MONEY IN WHAT YOU LOVE, Bought the album, literally became pennyless, happy as a pig in shit with music that made me happy! #liveyourdreams #supportpeoplewhoinspireyou

7 YEARS LATER… (yup, 7 years) 

Paul and I are living In the hills of victoria, Paul is having a break from plumbing, and has been working at his Aunties Cafe called Evolve, which is the place-to-be in the hills… check it here Dub FX eats here, and Paul was telling me that he met him. I LOST MY SHIT! NO WAY! I told paul he was amazing…





Unfortunately, One of my dear friends had commit-Suicide and I just found out, my heart felt like someone had punched me so hard that all I could do was cry, I called my Aunty Denise as i couldn’t stop crying, and she met me at the front of evolve and held me until i could breathe again… WOW… I sat in the cafe next to the fire with make up all over my face, eyes red and feeling sad. Then Dub FX came in… Paul invited him to sit next to me to cheer me up… (not going to lie, it did) … We talked for a while then he invited us over to his pad and i thought doing an interview would be ideal, considering this is what we want to do as we travel… meet interesting people… And what a perfect person…

Lets cut to the chase..

Me just before we left to go hang out,  jumping on the trampoline in the sunshine.. 👌

.ABOUT Dub Fx… Ben… 

Dub lives in this magical house surrounded by trees, his view is seriously supurb. Scattered around his home, are art works that he has collected from around the world. WOW. Like seriously… WOW…





 Bens energy to me, is very strong and grounding. I feel that as a performer he seems very comfortable with his ‘VOICE” and speaks with so much self-belief and awareness. It was really comforting to hear a man who really speaks with honesty and doesn’t hold back. Its as though fear of social situations has completely left him and is completely comfortable with who he is. He is so raw and authentic and it’s no surprise why I was attracted to his music… He is who he is… no bullshit. LOVE IT! #keepinitreal 

 He was born on june the 11th (same as my dad)… on an eclipse…(pretty cool) So Gemini… 🙂


Paul and I were telling him about the bus, and he told us, ….WAIT FOR IT… (it gets more amazing) He travelled around Europe for years in a “BUS” busking!!! There hasn’t been many young people that i have met who have also traveled in a bus, and it’s really nice feeling to be understood.


ub Fx, started busking doing Jack Johnson style beats, until he was told that his stuff was too “nice” by a massive Jamaican dude in europe, Dub FX thought “fuck it,if they don’t want nice, i’ll give them nasty”… and changed his style to a more gritty and raw style. He learnt beats from MC’s on the street in England and shaped his music to what it is today in a massive way.


BLOG EXERCISE… (yup, a challenge for YOU) 

Put some headphones on, put your feet up, close your eyes and LISTEN to his music. Feel what you feel when you listen to him, Take the time to HEAR his VOICE, his sound, his vibe, his story, and let it take you on an experience.


 DUB FX plays music as it sets him free, it gives him an open space to be able to express himself and of course to have FUN. When DUB is in the moment of playing, its as though time is suspended and there is nothing but the moment itself.


Ben loves that he is HERE, he is alive, that everything and nothing exists simultaneously. Being one with the universe is his souls mission and to make the most of the 3D reality that we are all traveling in. 

 The most profound thing that he told me which is a valuable lesson. As i looked at this huge house, his nice car, his amazing sound systems/studio and all that he had CREATED around him, i said, “dude, all because of yourself belief, you created this” and he looked at me and said “i created this because i worked hard, so many people have self belief and wait around for magic to happen and of course it never does… This didn’t happen over night, I worked hard this” (thats not word for word, thats just what i remember lol) His success of what he does and just for who he is, i believe is a combination of self love, luck, hard work, a wiliness to be open, having a strong awareness and PASSION. Dub Fx (ben) Is a man of love and what a blessing he is to share with the world his story through his music. He really opened up a space for me to think about what do I want to work hard for? …. And I’m curious, what do you want to achieve and what are you willing to work hard for? Dub Fx shows that you CAN achieve anything with the right ingredients… 


Some wisdom from ben… Everybodys universe makes sense to them.

Thank you for being open to my truth and for coming on a experience with me… And Ben, thank you for opening your heart to Paul and I…. You as a soul are profound! 

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