That Sugar Film… Damon and Zoe…🍭

Welcome to our interview with the couple that made “that Sugar Film”… I am traveling Australia in my newly renovated bus with my beautiful partner Paul and dog Banjo, we will be interviewing people who are interesting, places we go and experiences that we have… To check out our bus, click here —> Our bus renovation journey…

How did it all begin you ask? 

Once Upon a time... Paul and I decided to have a sugar free month… Which was motivated by my concerns for pauls massive pizza addiction… I assure you, when i say addiction, I mean he is a full blown pizza ADDICT. Being healthier and more mindful about what fuels our body is something that we would like to focus on more and become, well you know, HOT BABES, with 10/10 bodies demonstrating a temple of health… Which of course is nice to “dream” although our education is very limited and thought, if we want to be our dream selves, we need to get EDUCATED… so… WHOO HOOO, this new film came on called “that Sugar Film” and we went down to the local cinemas (with a large pizza lol) and watched the movie… IT WAS FREAKING AMAZING! We nearly cried by how wrong we had got this Healthy eating thing and i now understood why i am a size 14/16… I thought having a juice every morning was helping shift those Kg, NOT! Anyways… watch it! SERIOUSLY, WATCH IT! it WILL change your life.

*Warning* Image below contains Addictive and Junkie behaviour…. 

So I brought the book..


which you can Buy here Click here to buy the book–bp_QcSJADCtbsb75YtqLKZ5KYgzNexTAfv3zeGi93fy5ZPLuwKPHZQoRoCpMjw_

This is a website with lots of info… And check out the Trailer here…

Then… WE MET THEM! As this amazing couple Zoe and Damon had such a profound influence on my life, I thought “yes” … INTERVIEW TIME! I am interested in the documentary, although what i loved most about it is, how creative it was, how funny and fun Damon and Zoe are and how they managed to think about it, put it together and DO IT! So i recommend, WATCH THE MOVIE, BUY THE BOOK… TELL THE WORLD and continue reading this blog for a real insight to who this beautiful couple are…


Let me Paint you a picture… (or just look at my photos #haha) Paul and I are going to be selling coffees around Australia, we have just set up the machine, so we invited Damon and Zoe to be our 1st guests…. Zoe was jumping off the walls the coffee was THAT good!!!  #bluebuscafe 

Meet Zoe…

 qqqqqq So even though this is legit my 2nd interview (haha #wingit) I had to take some serious deep breaths as Zoe was talking, we are so ALIKE… WOW!

SUPER HERO… INTRODUCING “DIMENSION GIRL” … Given the opportunity to be a super hero, Zoe would teleport to other galaxies and be able to adjust to any atmosphere. #inventive q

Star Sign- Cancer

Occupation- Writer, Artist, Actor and MOTHER 🙂  (Yup, she’s awesome)

Dream Job- Anything with peace and Joy (told you she was awesome)

Current home – The hills of Victoria

Collects… Feathers, Crystals, Leaves and paper things. #stopit #soalike #soulsister   

Her Vibe to me… I find Zoes vibe, very authentic, calming, accepting and warm. I instantly feel very nurtured and comfortable in her presence. She is very much “IN THE MOMENT”…. Zoe is just so true to herself, its like she is incredibly empowered and confident. Zoe LOVES her family, “INCREDIBLY.” She is so passionate about supporting her husband and being a mother.. She is super playful and fun with heaps of energy and is absolutely STUNNING! (MILF ALERT) … #wootwhoo 


Her Mission… Zoes mission is to remind people who they are at their essence. (ah, beautiful) 


Lessons of life learnt… (my summary, not word of word) “Connections we have with people are here for a purpose. Push past your limits, Push yourself instead of running away, Own your part in creating a situation that may cause you harm, Push through the uncomfortable blocks/limitations… Find in yourself great love and MOVE FORWARD with it… All of these ‘testing’ times are an opportunity for you grow and learn, they are in an essence a gift ”


Biggest Fear… “The Death of the ones I love, I want to get every second out of life”

Random… Zoe is an experimental pillower and currently has a very comfortable pillow and only needs ONE of these… #impressve… When Zoe thinks of the word Horse, her 1st word to think of is ‘neigh’ which is cute.

Teach us something…  Zoe taught us a breathing technique to deepen our breath and to be peaceful in any moment. AHHHHHHHhhhhhhhh……  Side note, Zoe, has a blog full of mediations that she has written. I have done them all and personally have got a lot out of them, so go find yourself a peaceful relaxing place to chill out and treat yourself to this…. 

WORDS OF WISDOM (for paul and I) “LOVE EACH OTHER” #done  


Super hero… Given the opportunity to be a super hero, Damon would see people as they are; their pain & history and be able to help them with just only one sentence “understanding me” #heunderstands #sentenceschangelives   Star sign… Aquarius

Current job… Director, author, actor and speaker

Dream job… Doing it #livinghisdream (best)

Current home – the hills

Collects- Nothing, His all about “letting it go” Zoe is the collector for the both of them. 🙂

His vibe… Damon is extremely funny, like I mean not your average haha, that guy is funny, I mean your full on HILARIOUS funny! He is very ambitious, energetic, passionate, compassionate, smart, inquisitive, humble and really beautiful. I find his way so authentic, much like Zoe’s… They are both so comfortable with who they are and are so empowered. He has so much respect and love for his wife, which I find truly inspiring. He certainly is a role model (a funny one). So in short, His a legend . Damons Mission… Convert complex messages into a fun and accessible way #hedoesit #winning   Life lessons learnt- This reality is an illusion, there is something for bigger then us that universally connects us all.

Biggest Fear- ‘Not being liked, it doesn’t consume me, although I am aware of the loop and I CHOOSE not to give it any energy” #sohonest #thankyou #IronicallyILikeHimMoreNow

Teach us something understanding Man… How to count to 10 in Chinese… YUP… In your own time, Please read this following link for instructions… 🙂

Words of wisdom… No problem can be solved from the same Level of consciousness that created it.  

Wow…Damon and Zoe have done a lot of self work to get to the point of where they are today. They have taught me that by working on limiting beliefs and focusing on developing your spirit/soul/mind and body you can change those limits you put on yourself and evolve to make all of your dreams come true… Which is exactly what they did… They conquered the fear and did it anyway. WOW…  So, just wondering…. 

  • What are your limiting beliefs?
  • What do you REALLY want?
  • how are you going to make the change?

The future… The future for the 4 of us, is going to basically be a rad friendship that will involve HEAPS of fun… I can’t express enough how much they feel like old friends #lovethatfeeling Thank-you for reading our blog and traveling with us…. #shareit #followus #tellyourmates #followyourdreams

Photography done by Alyce Sophia Procter

Sending you love… 🙂

6 thoughts on “That Sugar Film… Damon and Zoe…🍭

  1. Linda says:

    Met you both today at work “Super Signs” read your page and learnt all about wwoofing after you left. Dont tell my Boss ha ha. Have fun on your journey have shared on my facebook! Enjoy your journey


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