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Here goes nothing but the truth… To make it clear from the start, I will have many spelling mistakes (TO YOU) in this blog, and today I’m allowing myself to be ok about it. I will not STRESS out about looking stupid, and stress about looking over and over and over my writing to try and make it perfect… Today I say no, today I allow myself to be person who struggles to spell. I want to talk about how frustrating it is for me to live in a world/society were academic results and being professional is so highly regarded and appreciated and visual and interpersonal are not



Growing up as a young child, hmmm… I loved making cubbies out of furniture with my brother, I loved learning how to sew and knit with my Oma and mum, I loved watching the lights on the ambulance as my dad went to work, I loved playing games, I loved painting, I loved making a mess, I loved cooking, I loved swimming, I loved hearing a beat and allowing my body to freely move to it in anyway that I choose, I loved spinning around in circles then laying on the ground watching the world spin and mostly I loved being social and learning about people. When i was participating in these actives i felt so confident and happy…


Until, I went to school, and I had to learn about these lines that went in all different ways and were all different shapes and sizes… They had sounds, and expanded in size, they explained things, people, places, the world but not mine…. This for me was so so confusing… it still is… All of these symbols make a word, which describe, explain, interpret etc etc… WOW… and then there are all of the SILENT letters (who invented this SERIOUSLY??? ) and symbols etc etc etc… it simply was something that i felt very confronting and difficult to get my head around…

When I read, it takes me a long time, and I often have to read over things a number of times before it actually sinks in and so I can grasp the concept of it. I find it so frustrating and at school i would LOATH reading out loud to the class as i have to break the words down so i can actually understand… I would feel so much pressure and anxiety that I couldn’t focus on the words and i would muck it up then feel down for the hole day not feeling smart enough… which that belief system that i have developed “not smart enough” its something that i am working incredibly hard at to shift… Gosh i feel like crying right now thinking about how confronting reading a paragraph to a class was for me.


I saw a tutor to get extra support with my spelling and grammar and I’m sure that it would of helped to a point although i never remember any school teacher looking at me and trying to understand the way i learnt and worked with my skills to help me achieve… (apart from my mum) Whenever i tell people that going to university is something that really concerns me as i STRUGGLE with writing assignments and learning information in a academic formula, they say, oh don’t worry, you have spell check…  SPELL CHECK!! gah! I feel constantly picked on when i don’t spell something right… I HATE IT.. ITS SO FUSTRATING… WHY DOESNT MY BRAIN GET IT????

Left and Right… Its simple RIGHT?


You either go left, or you go right? WRONG… I get them confused ALL THE TIME… i occasionally get them right and its like fire works of excitement go off in my mind. Although this is a rare event, people laugh at me, tease me and also comment with things like “HOW CAN YOU NOT KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN LEFT AND RIGHT?” I don’t know why… Ive herd all the tricks of trying to remember like the left hand makes a L shape etc etc. For my drivers licences test, i wrote L on my hand for “left” and R on my other for “right”… I still went the wrong was. EMBARRASSING!!!!! This is something that i really struggle with and find incredibly challenging….



I started working for a mental health organisation where i HAD to write documents which are legal documents (mental Health assessments) and i would focus so much on the spelling of the words as i didn’t want to get in wrong in fear for the doctors/nurses/psychologist/social workers etc judging me and thinking that i am incompetent that i would freak out and try to take as many short cuts as possible, it really effected me and the way i worked… how could i actually improve my skills, when i felt an immense over load of pressure JUST writing a word… *tears*

ALSO…. Numberzzzz… mmmh. 

When i look at the number 73, ill read 37… ALL THE TIME… WHY? its not what it says, although that is what i see… I will write word backwards… like “The”… Ill write E… then realise that I forgot the TH… HUH? I observe myself doing this, i know that it’s not “NORMAL” although its what happens… over and over again.

I have never been formally tested with Dyslexia, I was meant to at school, although the lady did not to rock up and to get tested now would cost me thousands,… Ive done allot of research and spoken to a number of professionals… its clear to me that i do have very strong symptoms of being dyslexic… And i am very much on a mission to find out how i can learn, Maths and English in a way that i am able to understand….

THERE IS HOPE…. I am making sure of it…. 

Why is being dyslexic a positive for me??? 



I have the most vivid imagination, If you tell me a story, its like a movie screen opens up in my mind its like I’m actually watching a movie… I LOVE THIS… i love hearing about people lives and stories… its like a free movie for me… I think in pictures and images, never in words… Can you a imagine a renovated bus, and me traveling around Australia with a massive smile on my face with the wind blowing in my hair? I SURE CAN… and this DRIVES me… its gives me persistence make the images i see in my mind in to my reality and I’m so so so so so good at doing it… 🙂



I am also very creative, i CAN easily make something out of nothing, i can make it beautiful, i can make the colours match and be aesthetically pleasing… EASY… If there is something that needs to be fixed, i can construct solutions in my mind to fix it… I can think of new ideas to improve situations… look at all the tools that i have, and utilise them to make effective, easy and productive changes… I can SEE what needs to be changed… and act! I do, time and time again notice how DIFFERENTLY i SEE things/situations from others, which I’m learning to love instead of feeling out of place…


Even though i am not the best drawer/painter etc,  I find that i learn so quickly and find it really easy to understand the process of how to do things… The colours, the textures, the strokes, the movement… ITS BLISS! I am in such a happy space when i am exploring and playing with these mediums. And sewing, its like all of these different shapes (like a puzzle) and i get to put them all together, LOVE IT!!!!!


I am (to some people dislike) incredibly CURIOUS… i want to know how things work, and WHY? I love meeting new people, “seeing” their environment, watching how they live their life and learning from them… WHY? HOW? DID YOU? WHEN? WHO? etc etc etc


I formost, do not follow the crowd… i strive for things that are better, and i struggle settling for less… WHY… because i CAN SEE that there is a better way, a easier way, a more productive way, a funner way, a loving way… etc… Just because someone said so, it doesnt mean so, RIGHT!!! lol! This can also frustrate people as i can be rather rebellious and find it hard to do what I’m told… Im not saying that I believe that my way in right, I am so open to ideas and change… 🙂

Something that really helped me embrace my change of thoughts about all these aspects of who i am was an event that happened recently… I was helping my partners sisters paint her baby room, they choose a really intense bright green, which is warming to me now, although as my partner, father and brother in law (to be) were painting, My brother in law commented on that he is really good and maths and English, and anything creative is challenging for him… And i thought WOW… i used to look at him and think, “you appear to be great with your money and have read heaps of books, your so smart and i wish i could be like that..” THEN all of a sudden and i STOPPED comparing myself to him, and i started to LOVE all of these things about myself.. i DONT want to be like that, i want to be creative, i want to INVEST in people not money, i want LEARN by DOING, not reading… Not saying that his approach is any better or worse then mine, it just changed in my head…

ALSO, I always ask myself, how does this situation/decision/event/choice make my body FEEL when i think or hear about it… i tend to go on a whim and trust the feeling and ignore the little voice in my head… WHY? because i TRUST that my heart always knows the way…  I trust my intuition… and i am intuitive…

WHAT DOES THE FUTURE HOLD FOR ME? well… i don’t know… I think more and more that i would like to learn from the UNIverse not UNIversity… I want to travel (not just physically, but emotionally, spiritual, mentally, creatively etc) , i want to manifest all this cool stuff that i have in my mind and i want to be ok with not being the “best” speller… I will MAKE a profession and an environment where my skills are encouraged and appreciated… not be littled and discouraged… and i will continue to develop my skills to learn and grow so this won’t always be a barrier to my development…

I have a gift… Thank you label dyslexia for allowing this positive change!!! 🙂 xxxx

20 thoughts on “Dyslexia

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow, what a story. When I read the first story on the email I get every day from Tiny House newsletter, I was going to jokingly (I thought) offer to edit and spell for you if you would let me come from Canada and travel a bit in your beautiful bus home. But after reading this I am very touched. Plus I realize what a shallow idiot I am. I was always a good speller and good with grammar although I left school in grade 11 when I was 16. I have worked for myself for over 50 years and am sorta, kinda successful. But you are amazing. I always wished I had just one little tiny bit of artistic or creative ability like you. And what a story writer and story teller! You truly are talented! Keep up the good work, look forward to reading more.

    Liked by 2 people

    • bluebusjourney says:

      Hey someone,

      I love everything you have just said. Thank you so much for your honesty. Wow. My heart is glowing. I’m so glad ironically “someone” lol… Has said what you have. It really encourages me to keep going with this.

      In terms of you and your creativity, being able to paint or whatever of course is creative, although you can be creative in the way that you dress, or how you dance, or communicate… We are all creative and just tap in to it in a different way.

      If you are ever in Australia, please let me know. Be great to hang out and show you the bus…

      Thank you kind stranger for accepting me.


  2. Tracy says:

    Alyce, my 12 year old daughter is dyslexic and your blog is a revelation for me into her world and what it feels like living in her mind. Thank you for being so open and honest. You brought tears to my eyes learning of your daily struggles and the struggles my daughter goes through and never talks about. She won’t even say the word dyslexic. She calls it the D word. I hope one day she can talk about it without feeling shame and embarrassment.

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  3. Kim says:

    Thank-you for sharing your honest story! It all makes you who you are….and it sounds like you have accepted that and that is what matters.
    My oldest son also has dyslexia…he struggled through school…but at the same time because of his intelligence and creativity, he ended up both having a learning disability teacher, and was in the talented and gifted program. The second gave him the real support he needed…a chance to shine at what he was good at. And the teacher was awesome and let him do his projects in his own way. He is 28 now, and married, has a great job…not a desk job, but as an electrical technician for the government. Both he and his wife “march to the beat of a different drum”…and that makes them perfect for each other. His spelling is atrocious, and that was not always easy for either of us, but it isn’t really what matters. Spelling isn’t really important except maybe on a job resume 🙂 He would do anything for anybody….and though there were many struggles…he is an awesome person…and so are you!

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  4. easy as acb 132... says:

    I two have experienced life a a dyslexic. four me math and facts are a peace of cake. but my English is shite….. verbs nouns and extra words to describe ones story was a wasted on me. my spelling was terrible until I wrote the word to spell over and over again. I could then visualise it. no teacher ever taught me a short cut. as for academic results I did earn a bachelor’s degree, with results that are reflective of dyslexia and not ones knowledge of a topic. keep the dream going…

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  5. Mark says:

    Why do we see the fact that a talented person who lacks a certain skill set as somehow lesser? The person I know as Alyce Proctor is a bloody talented photographer who has more natural ability in her finger nail than many of the pro’s i worked with have in their whole body. It’s the ability to see the world creatively through different eyes that produces the kind of imagery that goes beyond the mass world we now know of as “accessible digital photography” and reminds us that a person with a different view forces us all to re-evaluate our own way of seeing and enjoying our beautiful world. I look forwards to the rest of your writing.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Jenny says:

    My new favourite colour is green. Why? For I can’t count how many years I wanted you to believe in you like I did. For as long as I can remember I knew were amazing. No matter how often I tried to help you believe in how special you were it was a GREEN wall that helped you see you like I did – amazing, talented and uniquely you who I wouldn’t change for anything. So proud of you … but I always have been xx

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  7. Roberta says:

    Thanks for writing this. I am fairly sure my son is dyslexic, I’m trying to understand more about it as words come naturally for me. Oh but I constantly make typos in my spelling…who can be bothered with trifles like spell checker! I saw it’s my broad thinking mind and embrace it! Good luck on your trip.

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  8. Becky says:

    I am happy you have found peace with the way you were designed. You are unique and special! Keep exploring and cultivating those gifts! Good luck on your adventures!

    Liked by 1 person

  9. carsicksteeev says:

    Nice to know there are kindred spirits out there. I remember the nightmare scenario of having to read allowed at school, like it was yesterday. And its still a horrible thaught. However, on a lighter note, so glad youve seen the light, and are now proud to be a dyslexian ! Your part of the evolution of human kind, because your dyslexic ! Ps, can you stop the bus in scotland ? I want to get on ! ! !

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Virginia Carlow says:

    It’s funny (kinda) that someone who can’t spell very well is such an amazing writer/story teller. Have you ever heard the Albert Einstein quote, “Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by it’s ability to climb a tree, it will live it’s whole life believing that it is stupid”? You have so many amazing qualities that have more than made up for not being able to spell well, and seriously, I have no idea how good of spellers any of my friends are, it just doesn’t enter the equation. Be confident and own your condition, if think if your ok with it others will be too. And if they’re not..pfft…who needs ’em! Can’t wait to hear more of your journey, your very inspiring. x

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Anne says:

    What an honest post and I love that you have accepted who you are and embracing your talents. I need to learn how to follow my intuition as I often ignore it and I end up regretting it!


  12. Shelley Richardson says:

    You sound like a very beautiful woman inside. Good for u, to learn from your struggles, and find peace in life. My 8 yr old son is dyslexic and I am finding out, why he is such a gorgeous boy. He is very imaginative, I love to hear him tell me stories. I homeschool him n his brother as we travel Australia in our bus, and I am very thankful he isn’t in the school system. I hope to meet you one day in our travels. Best of luck.

    Liked by 1 person

  13. Mairead Ashcroft says:

    You warm my heart Alyce. Having been by your side through the Dip in Art Therapy as a peer opened my eyes to your struggles but also to your spirit and determination. An enlightened teacher once commented to me, ” Writing is about communication and I can understand everything that you are writing regardless of your spelling. Never forgo your spontinaity and creativity in order to fit some spelling mold. ” It was one of the greatist pieces of advise that I have ever gotten. Live your Bliss Alyce and enjoy your adventure with Paul and Banjo.

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