Jack Johnson… (Jeeck)

Welcome to our interview with Jack Johnson. I am traveling Australia in my newly renovated bus with my beautiful partner Paul and dog Banjo, we will be interviewing people who are interesting, places we go and experiences that we have… To check out our bus, check out… Read about the bus journey here ❤️ #shareourblog #followus  




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Meet Jack. 


How do we know Jack?… When Paul and I 1st moved to Melbourne we lived in this super sweet pad in Mt Martha right next to the beach (this is where we 1st started to gut the bus). I was Studying Art Therapy and working at spotlight while paul was working from Seaford doing Plumbing. This is where he Met Jack. Jack was an apprentice and Paul worked with Jack allot. They did allot of homes in your classic “Sea of houses” suburbia and they all look the same, with the same vibe and lack individuality. #yawn 

random photo, i dunno who this guy is

Anyways, long story Short, Paul left that job (and sadly his bromance with Jack) and started contracting for a top bloke, Gavin, in the city of melbourne, doing lots of renos, and solar heating (which is much more suited to paul and he really loved working for Gavin)… If you need any plumbing done in Melbourne CALL GAVIN, his got skills for days and will look after you! (check out the website below)  Highland plumbing website

So a year or so later Jack qualified (whoo hoo) and was about to head to the snow for a snow season and needed some work, so he scored a few weeks work with Gav, and then the Bromance was just as romantic as ever. #bondedbywater

Then many moons later… 

Jack moved to Torquay in this sweet pad…  

The pad


The bus parked next to the pad 👌


Working here … Selling Coffee/skateboards (i know right, so trippy that Paul and Jack Both did Plumbing at the same time and now are both working with coffee) Check out the shop here… 

All the skate boards for sale


Drinking a coffee made by Jack 👌



coffee made by Jack 👌☕️ #pro


Surfing here…  


Hanging out with these dudes… What I loved about all of Jacks mates up here was, that they are all extremely motivated in their life passions and they all support each other in that. Was really awesome to see. I wish I could do a blog on all of them. Really beautiful crew. 


pauls in there although his head is covered by my hair and a skate board 😂


skating here and driving this rad van … The half pipe was made by jack and his mates 👌


Drawing these…



So we thought, “we miss Jack” Lets go see him!. #sowedid

Interview with Jack.. 


His Vibe… jack to us is… Jack above all else is a family man, He is really close with his parents and siblings, Which reflects his strong morals and values. Jack is calming, cheeky, grounded and loves nature (Hence, the Surfing/snow boarding).  His very accepting and positive, Optimistic, insightful and has allot of faith in life. His super real… You can talk to him about anything openly and honestly. Trustworthy. reliable. true to his word… Yup, his a mate we want to keep. #keeper #histiptop

Name… Jack Ramon Johnson (yup, like the famous Musician)

Star Sign– Gemini

Current location- Torquay

Grew up at- Aspendale, Melbourne.

Job – Plumber, Barrista, Building Terrain parks at the snow, Bar tender, Swimming Teacher

Dream Job – “You shouldn’t be dreaming about Work” #itstrue #haha!

Further goes on to tell me… Right now, I make coffee, hangout, surf and then in winter i go snow boarding, this right now is pretty sweet.

Collects – Vinyl records and Photos…

Passions – Music, guitar and drawing #hisawesomeright


jacks posty bike


Hobbies – Surfing, Snow Boarding, Photography, Motorbike Riding

Special skills –  climbing trees #monkeyman 🙊

Souls mission – “to enjoy not only the greater things in life but EVERYTHING”

Life Lessons Learn’t

  • Not to take everything so seriously
  • If you don’t like something CHANGE it
  • Don’t be afraid to love yourself, BE YOURSELF
  • You can find Joy in anything

#wisewords #hislearnt

Super Hero- “I would Fly, I never want to be stuck… ” a.k.a, FLY MAN. 


In the mean time, climbing hills works 😂


Biggest Fear– “the fact that we have F#%@& our own planet, WHATS NEXT?”


whats next?

Teach us something – Anxiety is a word someone has created and also what your mind creates for you.. it’s just a thought.

Words of Wisdom- “there is always time for Lube”

Thank You Jack for sharing aspect of who you are! 🙂

Love Alyce, Paul and Banjo.


Bonus, some photos jack took of  me ❤️📷❤️ 



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