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Need experienced travel bloggers to get the word out about your destination, event, product or service? 

Why Should You Sponsor the Blue Bus Journey Blog?

Blue Bus Journey blog is a travel blog site that has a focus on interesting people, places to go, creations, dreams,  experiences and tiny home/bus renovations and spreading the world to encourage change and success.

About us… 


We are an Aussie couple (Alyce and Paul with our dog Banjo) who have just finished renovating a 35ft bus, See our renovation journey here. We plan on traveling around Australia for the next 5-10 years… (Whoo hoo) We have set up a coffee machine in the under carriage of our bus and will be selling coffee and art at markets, festivals, beaches and happening places. Paul is a plumber by trade. Alyce is a Photographer, Artist, Art teacher, Art therapist, Swimming teacher and retail manager and most importantly a blog writer and Banjo is a super chiller.


inside of our bus


The famous blue bus


How can we support YOU? 

We want to get out in to the world

  • Amazing people who are doing things to make the world a better place
  • Helpful, practical and beautiful  products
  • Cool things to do in Australia
  • Different ways of living the life you dream
  • Local businesses
  • View points that needs awareness raised (those touchy subjects that need to be said)

By sponsoring us you will be establishing a connection with readers who are looking to get inspired and want to experience an authentic view point.

How does it work? 

Business…  Invite us to your business, show us around, give us a tour and what you have to offer… I’ll bring my camera and take photos of our experience. Following up, I will write a review of where you are located, what we did and how our experience was with professional photos that I captured on the day See my photography here
Amazing people… Let’s hang out, tell me what your about, what your doing and the message you are sending to the world. I’ll take photos of your products and of your amazing self… Following I will write a blog about you and our experience. See my photography here and Meet an amazing couple here


Products…  Have you got a design that you need to promote? Send us a sample so we can play and experience it… I’ll take photos and write a blog reviewing your product

Please know that all reviews will be honest. Our readers come first, and it is always our intention to provide them with the best information and honest feedback possible…

How to be apart of our blog? 

Contact Alyce on 0490148402 or email me at

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