Photography… Capturing YOU… 

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Guess what… I love photography…


Why do I LOVE taking Taking photos? Well… 

I love capturing a “MOMENT” that is authentic, real, honest and beautiful.

 How do I do it?

I’m not about making you look like a super model (super models don’t even look like themselves) I am about capturing YOU, capturing a moment that you have in your life, doing what you love, when you are NATURALLY happy in your element. That it what is beautiful, that is whats REAL. They are the moments in life that I believe are worth keeping…


yes, its a selfy .. lol


A bit of background…

When I look back at photos of myself as a child that my parents took, my favourite photos are of me doing the things that I love, not your classic smiling ones, The ones where I am so in the moment, present to what I am doing. That is real, it’s authentic and it’s the truth about who I was, at that time in my life. It gives me a honest perspective of looking back at my life in a way that I actually remember. I want to create these images for YOU.


Well, it’s so important that you feel relaxed and comfortable with me, so hanging out and chilling is a massive part (one of my favourite bits, I hope you like Chia and banana bread… “yum”) … and chucking on some of your favourite tunes ect…  I want to explore with you;

  • Who you are
  • What you are passionate about
  • What makes you smile
  • Things that are important to who you are
  • Your day to day life and the joy you find in it
  • Or if it’s a day of an occasion that’s symbolic, then let’s explore that

For a day, or a couple, or an hour or whatever (I like to go with the flow regarding time) I want to capture moments of you in places that have meaning to you, to explore and discover aspects of you, all of you, not just those pretty posed pictures where you smile and looking like life is a breeze, cause it’s not (always). Life has so many different layers, just like YOU. I want to capture that. You, as your authentic self, which I believe whole heartly to be BEAUTIFUL…. Yup, I said it, your the most beautiful when your natural, when your just being YOU.

In short….(well kinda)

  1. Documentry to me means capturing moments as it happens NATURALLY, in an environment that you feel safe and connected to, whether it’s at home, at work or at a place that you love…
  2. I will capture your essence, your real personality, who you are… Doing the things you love with me, Show me items that are important, Talk to me about what you care about and what makes you feel
  3. I will capture the details that surround you, things that are important, things that have a personal meaning to you.
  4. I will create a story of who you are to keep as a legacy

My experience…

I have studied Visual Art and Design which has given me a great foundation to explore how to use my eye. When I look at life, I am constantly seeing it as an art work, the colours, the shapes, the textures, the way the light beams on objects, the different angles etc etc… I LOVE IT! What an amazing world we live in. I am self taught in photography as I learn best from experiencing and playing… (which i have done ALLOT of, like HEAPS, my camera is attached to me)

I don’t use any high tec photography programs, just basic lighting apps. I will NOT be altering anything about who you are, as being natural and using my creative eye is what I am passionate about (keepin it REAL and old school)
















Would LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE to do some child birth photos also.

Others… 👌




You will get a USB with a heap of photos on it to do what you wish. They will be of top quality as I have invested in a very beautiful camera (my little baby .. lol)… For those intetested, I have a canon 70d 😍

These photos will be for you to treasure for the rest of your life and future generations (showing them, the authentic you)


You can call me 0490148402 or email me to talk about a having an experience together.

Love Alyce Sophia Procter


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