Hooray, I am travelling Australia in my newly renovated bus with my beautiful partner Paul and dog Banjo. We will be interviewing people who are interesting, places we go and experiences that we have… As we sell coffee and art #shareourblog #followus @ #bluebusjourney… To see how we renovated our bus, click here

For the last few months we have been living in a small coastal town on the west coast of Victoria called Port fairy..


Port fairy is an old fishing village that has all of a sudden become the place to be, lots of stunning beaches and welcoming cafes, high end fashion and art galleries surrounding…

It has great surf and a really humble grounding vibe. I found people really friendly and really chilled… Love it here.


Coffee lovers…

Best coffee without a doubt was down a little lane way called “farmers wife” which was buzzing and the staff were awesome, The chick in there REMEMBERED what coffee we drank after only being in there ONCE, like what the hec, that’s what I call service. They use Two Seasons coffee which is yummo. Check it out

Sausage dogs? 

One of the most classic things we did here was see a annual “sausage dog race” yup, you heard, sausage dogs race… Haha. People from all over Australia came to enter there much loved sausage dogs in various races, the funniest one was the jumping race, mainly as they have the most teeny tiny legs and could barely Jump. Hahaha. The turn out was huge, like MASSIVE… Thousand of people with cute sausage dogs cruising the streets. Just classic. Enter your doggy here Watch a video of it all here Watch this   (its linked to my facebook)    

Shopping (love a good shop)


My favourite shop for clothes was without fail was called Evolve. Truly stunning clothes, it’s a must go to place. Check it out here

For art, interior and a assortment of amazingness screaming class is Penny and Reiby, one of the most stunning stores I’ve ever been to. Julia the owner is a stylist and has a gift to making colours work in the most harmonious  ways, her partner James is a builder and makes most of the furniture which is so special to see a couple working so well together producing their life passions. It’s a shop oozing with love…  Check out all the beautiful products here              


I’m not one to bag out stores, in fact this is my 1st time, but this place, WOW… The worst by far was the hardware store, like what the actual hec is going on there, it’s like everyone has been working in the store for way to long and are completely bored out of their mind. Every time we ordered building supplies, they would muck it up or it would take FOREVER! The visual merchandise makes me want to renovate the whole store not inspire me to renovate to buy my own stuff. The frustrating thing about country living is that you just have to deal with what is in your town as its too far to drive somewhere else. Someone retrain the staff and improve it PLEASE!

Where’s the bus parked? 



We parked the bus just out of town on a dairy farm with a beautiful family who now feel like our own. We cruised around on a 4 wheeler helping with the cows and went on many adventures…. Ahhh the adventures. I finally got to tick off one of my bucket lists and help in a dairy farm, which I loved. It was messy and cold and loud and repetitive and fun.

Hannah and I, (the girl who’s property we were staying at) we went on adventures through the farm on the 4 wheeler, WHICH WAS AWESOMEEEEEEE…. we painted and did photography of landscapes and the cows, was truly magical. I was so humbled by how generous the family was and how they welcomed us in to their life’s. Gosh, we lucked out meeting them.



The surf was awesome, of course freezing being in the middle of winter, brrrr. Paul was brave and went for it anyways and it was so beautiful to see him get back in the water after being in the city for so long and to finally enjoy life on the road.


Coffee machine… 

While we were here it gave us such a great chance to get the coffee machine set up. . We made a table out of recycled timber and then placed it on a hydronic table that slides out of the under carriage for easy access. We will soon be selling fair trade coffee at markets and festivals,, whoo hoooo!


Change in the pace of life… 

Being out on the farm was a massive  adjustment for me as I was used to living such a busy life in Melbourne, working so many jobs and having a very active social life with my family and friends… It really took me awhile to get back in to the flow of not having everything at my finger tips. I got back into the routine of planning what I need in advance and getting used to spending allot of time in isolation. I questioned allot about what I want to do as I travel, Why was I doing it and who i am? sometime really shifts when you turn 25, most of my friends have experienced the same thing.  Allot of self growth happened and did allot of accessing of what I need. It certainly was challenging. When the busyness stops and you finally have some time to shift through whats going on in your head, its certainly interesting what comes up. After I found a flow and got used to the quietness and my mind settled I really found love in the simple things that surrounded me.

 Paul and I had to adjust massively as allot of the time I wouldn’t see anyone else apart from him. We have had many testing times and have learnt to communicate what we need in order to create balance in our new pace of life.         

Ship wrecked

The west coast has so much history of Ship wrecks and convicts. We went to see the flagstaff hill show in warrnambool where our best friend Sam’s dad does the tours (which he rocked it). It was such an mind blowing experience to see what it was like for people many moons ago coming to Australia to have a new life in Australia. I have such an appreciation for all the brave souls who made the journey to country they knew nothing about. Book your ticket here

Dad visited… 

As I went though moments of being very home sick it was such a relief when my dad came to visit. As he works on the rigs and is away for long periods of time is always so special to be able to hang out . We went and looked at art galleries together and enjoyed the beaches.

  Dad and I went  to get my eyes tested as my eyes have been playing up,  turns out that one eye is circle shaped in mint condition and the other is oval shaped, weird lol. So I am now apart of the 4 eyed community .. So glad dad was there to help me choose my new specs…. Check em. Everything is so much more crisp.

 I loved …. 

What I loved most about being back in the country was the experience to relaxxxxxx, take time to enjoy a cup of tea with my neighbors, to listen to the waves crash as I fell asleep and to be given the opportunity to be with myself and paul…

        Port fairy is a must…  Lots of love, x 

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