Hollyburton farm

Hoooray, Alyce Procter and Paul Shaw are traveling around Australia in a newly renovated 35ft Blue Bus, ohhh yeahhhhh! They will be interviewing people who are interesting, Places to go, Things to try and Experiences that they have. They will be selling scrumptious coffee from the bottom of their bus & Alyce’s art as they travel to make some coin. This blog is about honest and raw expressions from how Alyce and Paul see the world that they live in. Enjoy and be apart of the journey by following their blog.


HollyBurton Farm

We have been staying at a beautiful farm just out of Melbourne called Hollyburton. I have made my 1st ever video, Ekkk… I know its really basic, although I’m pretty stoked about it considering YouTube has been my teacher and I feel it gets the message across. I hope you enjoy my interview that I have with Maddy.

If you would like to read more about Hollyburton farm, check out this website… Hollyburton farm link

4 thoughts on “Hollyburton farm

  1. jacaranda says:

    Very inspiring – and brought tears to my eyes, as mum to a teen unschooler – so many opportunities out there to follow your passion if you are supported on that journey. thanks for sharing x


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