So, on a rainy day sitting in front of the warm glowing fire… I was watching a Youtube clip, it was about how people see love. One sweet darling lady said ‘without love you are empty’ SIGH. What a statement.. Truth be told, what this darling lady had expressed suddenly opened up so much compassion within me for others, and I want to tell you why. The word LOVE…. Yup, that old chestnut. Sigh.


So, for me personally, when I am doing something that I love, like writing, sewing, painting, dancing, connecting with others, swimming in the ocean, traveling etc (there are lots of things that I love, lol) I really do feel an overwhelming sense of happiness and fullness. Sometimes it takes me to a euphoric place that it literally feels like it fills my whole being with love. Those moments when I’m listening to a beat, moving my brush on the canvas, watching something being created from nothing, I am simply so connected and in the zone, its pure bliss, I am happy, I am love in these moments. 

When I am with my family or my closest friends, just being in their presence makes me feel safe and at home (wherever we are). I am a part of something bigger then myself, I have people who care about me and love me as I am. This of course also brings on a sense of fulfilment. This is ultimately what I believe to be the true source of everyone’s life path, is to find love and to find fulfilment with in that.


That empty feeling…

Then when I think about feeling unaccepted by someone, my stomach turns and I feel sick… EMPTY. When I thinking about not looking good enough, not being skinny enough, not being educated enough, not having enough money, not saying the right thing, not being the right person, feeling judged, being around uncomfortable unconnected energy I feel empty and I feel anxious. My life is without a doubt full of these in-between moments of love and anxiety. Which I’m sure most people do.

My next thought to all of this emptiness that surrounds our world, and our society is simply, HOW DO WE FILL THIS EMPTINESS UP? Seriously. From my personal experience, feeling empty and anxious is horrible, like seriously heart aching, sickening and just YUCK. I am realistic, you can not unless you are some god sent human have the euphoric feeling of love all the time. There are situations in life that are difficult, like loosing a job, a breakup or a death etc. Although what I am curious by, is how can we align our self’s back to the feeling of love without having the focus be by something external (for me painting/family etc)

I have been deeply upset by so many people who have chosen the life of drugs, in particular, ICE. Up until this lady who said “Without love, you are empty’ I felt very judgmental towards so many people who had chosen the path to destruction. I just never understood, WHY take a drug when you know that the outcome is so dangerous and WILL wreck some many aspects of your life? How could you do so much damage to your community? How can you be so deceitful to your friends, family, and colleges? Where has your self-respect gone? THEN I REALISED… that word… e.m.p.t.y. They are empty. I have tears welling up in my eyes right now, my heart is racing and I am feeling so shameful for being so judgmental…. I need and must show love and compassion to people of all walks of life. By sitting here judging and being negative towards other life choices, is just causing myself harm and then I am energetically putting that back to the world. I need to stop. I need to refocus my thoughts and also to be compassionate.

I understand. I have had the empty feeling before, the heart wrenching, heart thumping, spinning mind and sick feeling of being EMPTY. I feel, we all have. Some different to others, yet we are human, and we all experience emotions. When someone has no love to warm their hearts, and emptiness surrounds them, I understand how filling that empty must be important to enjoy life. Drugs, food, sex, addictions and exercise are ways to fill that space, and sadly if this place isn’t fulfilled, suicide seems to be the next best thing.



-Next time we hear that someone has taken ice and done something socially ‘unacceptable’, can we give them love and compassion?

-Next time we feel empty, can we focus on loving ourselves?

-Next time you hear abuse, see abuse, are being abusive can we stop and change it to love?

-Next time you are feeling down, be mindful about the decisions you make to fill the empty space.



I hope that through this ice epidemic, the rising number of suicide, the increasing number of mental health issues, obesity and domestic violence we can create awareness that love is what we are all searching for, when we give love to others, we receive love within us. By doing what we love, loving others and loving ourselves we immediately eliminate so many destructive emptiness fillers.

Show love to yourself and your community.


I am honestly and not proudly quiet judgmental towards others, and this is something that I am going to change and shift. Its not how I want to be living my life judging other people, Id rather be focusing on the things that I love and doing things that are positive for my life and the community. Next time I hear of someone I know gone of the rails by drugs or an addiction, I will show support and love. As that’s all they are searching for. Love.

How will you show love?
Sending you all love.

Alyce Procter


2 thoughts on “Love… 

  1. Ellen Wardle says:

    really enjoyed this post, it illustrated a very human experience and one I find myself feeling thrown through every few months (that feeling of emptiness). Sidenote regarding ice and addiction; I think you’re really right about those people choosing those vices because they’re feeling empty and need love. I’ve only ever seen it happen to people who get very, very badly hurt by the world or the people in their lives. I’s awful, and it proves how much more love and positivity we all need to put into the world.


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