Welcome to my personal story on what it’s like for me to be dyslexic . I am traveling Australia in my newly renovated bus with my beautiful partner Paul and dog Banjo, we will be interviewing people who are interesting, places we go and experiences that we have… To check out our bus, check out… Read about the bus journey here #shareourblog #followus 

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Here goes nothing but the truth… To make it clear from the start, I will have many spelling mistakes (TO YOU) in this blog, and today I’m allowing myself to be ok about it. I will not STRESS out about looking stupid, and stress about looking over and over and over my writing to try and make it perfect… Today I say no, today I allow myself to be person who struggles to spell. I want to talk about how frustrating it is for me to live in a world/society were academic results and being professional is so highly regarded and appreciated and visual and interpersonal are not



Growing up as a young child, hmmm… I loved making cubbies out of furniture with my brother, I loved learning how to sew and knit with my Oma and mum, I loved watching the lights on the ambulance as my dad went to work, I loved playing games, I loved painting, I loved making a mess, I loved cooking, I loved swimming, I loved hearing a beat and allowing my body to freely move to it in anyway that I choose, I loved spinning around in circles then laying on the ground watching the world spin and mostly I loved being social and learning about people. When i was participating in these actives i felt so confident and happy…


Until, I went to school, and I had to learn about these lines that went in all different ways and were all different shapes and sizes… They had sounds, and expanded in size, they explained things, people, places, the world but not mine…. This for me was so so confusing… it still is… All of these symbols make a word, which describe, explain, interpret etc etc… WOW… and then there are all of the SILENT letters (who invented this SERIOUSLY??? ) and symbols etc etc etc… it simply was something that i felt very confronting and difficult to get my head around…

When I read, it takes me a long time, and I often have to read over things a number of times before it actually sinks in and so I can grasp the concept of it. I find it so frustrating and at school i would LOATH reading out loud to the class as i have to break the words down so i can actually understand… I would feel so much pressure and anxiety that I couldn’t focus on the words and i would muck it up then feel down for the hole day not feeling smart enough… which that belief system that i have developed “not smart enough” its something that i am working incredibly hard at to shift… Gosh i feel like crying right now thinking about how confronting reading a paragraph to a class was for me.


I saw a tutor to get extra support with my spelling and grammar and I’m sure that it would of helped to a point although i never remember any school teacher looking at me and trying to understand the way i learnt and worked with my skills to help me achieve… (apart from my mum) Whenever i tell people that going to university is something that really concerns me as i STRUGGLE with writing assignments and learning information in a academic formula, they say, oh don’t worry, you have spell check…  SPELL CHECK!! gah! I feel constantly picked on when i don’t spell something right… I HATE IT.. ITS SO FUSTRATING… WHY DOESNT MY BRAIN GET IT????

Left and Right… Its simple RIGHT?


You either go left, or you go right? WRONG… I get them confused ALL THE TIME… i occasionally get them right and its like fire works of excitement go off in my mind. Although this is a rare event, people laugh at me, tease me and also comment with things like “HOW CAN YOU NOT KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN LEFT AND RIGHT?” I don’t know why… Ive herd all the tricks of trying to remember like the left hand makes a L shape etc etc. For my drivers licences test, i wrote L on my hand for “left” and R on my other for “right”… I still went the wrong was. EMBARRASSING!!!!! This is something that i really struggle with and find incredibly challenging….



I started working for a mental health organisation where i HAD to write documents which are legal documents (mental Health assessments) and i would focus so much on the spelling of the words as i didn’t want to get in wrong in fear for the doctors/nurses/psychologist/social workers etc judging me and thinking that i am incompetent that i would freak out and try to take as many short cuts as possible, it really effected me and the way i worked… how could i actually improve my skills, when i felt an immense over load of pressure JUST writing a word… *tears*

ALSO…. Numberzzzz… mmmh. 

When i look at the number 73, ill read 37… ALL THE TIME… WHY? its not what it says, although that is what i see… I will write word backwards… like “The”… Ill write E… then realise that I forgot the TH… HUH? I observe myself doing this, i know that it’s not “NORMAL” although its what happens… over and over again.

I have never been formally tested with Dyslexia, I was meant to at school, although the lady did not to rock up and to get tested now would cost me thousands,… Ive done allot of research and spoken to a number of professionals… its clear to me that i do have very strong symptoms of being dyslexic… And i am very much on a mission to find out how i can learn, Maths and English in a way that i am able to understand….

THERE IS HOPE…. I am making sure of it…. 

Why is being dyslexic a positive for me??? 



I have the most vivid imagination, If you tell me a story, its like a movie screen opens up in my mind its like I’m actually watching a movie… I LOVE THIS… i love hearing about people lives and stories… its like a free movie for me… I think in pictures and images, never in words… Can you a imagine a renovated bus, and me traveling around Australia with a massive smile on my face with the wind blowing in my hair? I SURE CAN… and this DRIVES me… its gives me persistence make the images i see in my mind in to my reality and I’m so so so so so good at doing it… 🙂



I am also very creative, i CAN easily make something out of nothing, i can make it beautiful, i can make the colours match and be aesthetically pleasing… EASY… If there is something that needs to be fixed, i can construct solutions in my mind to fix it… I can think of new ideas to improve situations… look at all the tools that i have, and utilise them to make effective, easy and productive changes… I can SEE what needs to be changed… and act! I do, time and time again notice how DIFFERENTLY i SEE things/situations from others, which I’m learning to love instead of feeling out of place…


Even though i am not the best drawer/painter etc,  I find that i learn so quickly and find it really easy to understand the process of how to do things… The colours, the textures, the strokes, the movement… ITS BLISS! I am in such a happy space when i am exploring and playing with these mediums. And sewing, its like all of these different shapes (like a puzzle) and i get to put them all together, LOVE IT!!!!!


I am (to some people dislike) incredibly CURIOUS… i want to know how things work, and WHY? I love meeting new people, “seeing” their environment, watching how they live their life and learning from them… WHY? HOW? DID YOU? WHEN? WHO? etc etc etc


I formost, do not follow the crowd… i strive for things that are better, and i struggle settling for less… WHY… because i CAN SEE that there is a better way, a easier way, a more productive way, a funner way, a loving way… etc… Just because someone said so, it doesnt mean so, RIGHT!!! lol! This can also frustrate people as i can be rather rebellious and find it hard to do what I’m told… Im not saying that I believe that my way in right, I am so open to ideas and change… 🙂

Something that really helped me embrace my change of thoughts about all these aspects of who i am was an event that happened recently… I was helping my partners sisters paint her baby room, they choose a really intense bright green, which is warming to me now, although as my partner, father and brother in law (to be) were painting, My brother in law commented on that he is really good and maths and English, and anything creative is challenging for him… And i thought WOW… i used to look at him and think, “you appear to be great with your money and have read heaps of books, your so smart and i wish i could be like that..” THEN all of a sudden and i STOPPED comparing myself to him, and i started to LOVE all of these things about myself.. i DONT want to be like that, i want to be creative, i want to INVEST in people not money, i want LEARN by DOING, not reading… Not saying that his approach is any better or worse then mine, it just changed in my head…

ALSO, I always ask myself, how does this situation/decision/event/choice make my body FEEL when i think or hear about it… i tend to go on a whim and trust the feeling and ignore the little voice in my head… WHY? because i TRUST that my heart always knows the way…  I trust my intuition… and i am intuitive…

WHAT DOES THE FUTURE HOLD FOR ME? well… i don’t know… I think more and more that i would like to learn from the UNIverse not UNIversity… I want to travel (not just physically, but emotionally, spiritual, mentally, creatively etc) , i want to manifest all this cool stuff that i have in my mind and i want to be ok with not being the “best” speller… I will MAKE a profession and an environment where my skills are encouraged and appreciated… not be littled and discouraged… and i will continue to develop my skills to learn and grow so this won’t always be a barrier to my development…

I have a gift… Thank you label dyslexia for allowing this positive change!!! 🙂 xxxx

Jack Johnson… (Jeeck)

Welcome to our interview with Jack Johnson. I am traveling Australia in my newly renovated bus with my beautiful partner Paul and dog Banjo, we will be interviewing people who are interesting, places we go and experiences that we have… To check out our bus, check out… Read about the bus journey here ❤️ #shareourblog #followus  




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Meet Jack. 


How do we know Jack?… When Paul and I 1st moved to Melbourne we lived in this super sweet pad in Mt Martha right next to the beach (this is where we 1st started to gut the bus). I was Studying Art Therapy and working at spotlight while paul was working from Seaford doing Plumbing. This is where he Met Jack. Jack was an apprentice and Paul worked with Jack allot. They did allot of homes in your classic “Sea of houses” suburbia and they all look the same, with the same vibe and lack individuality. #yawn 

random photo, i dunno who this guy is

Anyways, long story Short, Paul left that job (and sadly his bromance with Jack) and started contracting for a top bloke, Gavin, in the city of melbourne, doing lots of renos, and solar heating (which is much more suited to paul and he really loved working for Gavin)… If you need any plumbing done in Melbourne CALL GAVIN, his got skills for days and will look after you! (check out the website below)  Highland plumbing website

So a year or so later Jack qualified (whoo hoo) and was about to head to the snow for a snow season and needed some work, so he scored a few weeks work with Gav, and then the Bromance was just as romantic as ever. #bondedbywater

Then many moons later… 

Jack moved to Torquay in this sweet pad…  

The pad


The bus parked next to the pad 👌


Working here … Selling Coffee/skateboards (i know right, so trippy that Paul and Jack Both did Plumbing at the same time and now are both working with coffee) Check out the shop here… 

All the skate boards for sale


Drinking a coffee made by Jack 👌



coffee made by Jack 👌☕️ #pro


Surfing here…  


Hanging out with these dudes… What I loved about all of Jacks mates up here was, that they are all extremely motivated in their life passions and they all support each other in that. Was really awesome to see. I wish I could do a blog on all of them. Really beautiful crew. 


pauls in there although his head is covered by my hair and a skate board 😂


skating here and driving this rad van … The half pipe was made by jack and his mates 👌


Drawing these…



So we thought, “we miss Jack” Lets go see him!. #sowedid

Interview with Jack.. 


His Vibe… jack to us is… Jack above all else is a family man, He is really close with his parents and siblings, Which reflects his strong morals and values. Jack is calming, cheeky, grounded and loves nature (Hence, the Surfing/snow boarding).  His very accepting and positive, Optimistic, insightful and has allot of faith in life. His super real… You can talk to him about anything openly and honestly. Trustworthy. reliable. true to his word… Yup, his a mate we want to keep. #keeper #histiptop

Name… Jack Ramon Johnson (yup, like the famous Musician)

Star Sign– Gemini

Current location- Torquay

Grew up at- Aspendale, Melbourne.

Job – Plumber, Barrista, Building Terrain parks at the snow, Bar tender, Swimming Teacher

Dream Job – “You shouldn’t be dreaming about Work” #itstrue #haha!

Further goes on to tell me… Right now, I make coffee, hangout, surf and then in winter i go snow boarding, this right now is pretty sweet.

Collects – Vinyl records and Photos…

Passions – Music, guitar and drawing #hisawesomeright


jacks posty bike


Hobbies – Surfing, Snow Boarding, Photography, Motorbike Riding

Special skills –  climbing trees #monkeyman 🙊

Souls mission – “to enjoy not only the greater things in life but EVERYTHING”

Life Lessons Learn’t

  • Not to take everything so seriously
  • If you don’t like something CHANGE it
  • Don’t be afraid to love yourself, BE YOURSELF
  • You can find Joy in anything

#wisewords #hislearnt

Super Hero- “I would Fly, I never want to be stuck… ” a.k.a, FLY MAN. 


In the mean time, climbing hills works 😂


Biggest Fear– “the fact that we have F#%@& our own planet, WHATS NEXT?”


whats next?

Teach us something – Anxiety is a word someone has created and also what your mind creates for you.. it’s just a thought.

Words of Wisdom- “there is always time for Lube”

Thank You Jack for sharing aspect of who you are! 🙂

Love Alyce, Paul and Banjo.


Bonus, some photos jack took of  me ❤️📷❤️ 



That Sugar Film… Damon and Zoe…🍭

Welcome to our interview with the couple that made “that Sugar Film”… I am traveling Australia in my newly renovated bus with my beautiful partner Paul and dog Banjo, we will be interviewing people who are interesting, places we go and experiences that we have… To check out our bus, click here —> Our bus renovation journey…

How did it all begin you ask? 

Once Upon a time... Paul and I decided to have a sugar free month… Which was motivated by my concerns for pauls massive pizza addiction… I assure you, when i say addiction, I mean he is a full blown pizza ADDICT. Being healthier and more mindful about what fuels our body is something that we would like to focus on more and become, well you know, HOT BABES, with 10/10 bodies demonstrating a temple of health… Which of course is nice to “dream” although our education is very limited and thought, if we want to be our dream selves, we need to get EDUCATED… so… WHOO HOOO, this new film came on called “that Sugar Film” and we went down to the local cinemas (with a large pizza lol) and watched the movie… IT WAS FREAKING AMAZING! We nearly cried by how wrong we had got this Healthy eating thing and i now understood why i am a size 14/16… I thought having a juice every morning was helping shift those Kg, NOT! Anyways… watch it! SERIOUSLY, WATCH IT! it WILL change your life.

*Warning* Image below contains Addictive and Junkie behaviour…. 

So I brought the book..


which you can Buy here Click here to buy the book http://www.booktopia.com.au/that-sugar-book-damon-gameau/prod9781743532935.html?source=pla&gclid=CjwKEAjwpsGqBRCioKet–bp_QcSJADCtbsb75YtqLKZ5KYgzNexTAfv3zeGi93fy5ZPLuwKPHZQoRoCpMjw_

This is a website with lots of info… http://www.thatsugarfilm.com/synopsis/ And check out the Trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6uaWekLrilY here…

Then… WE MET THEM! As this amazing couple Zoe and Damon had such a profound influence on my life, I thought “yes” … INTERVIEW TIME! I am interested in the documentary, although what i loved most about it is, how creative it was, how funny and fun Damon and Zoe are and how they managed to think about it, put it together and DO IT! So i recommend, WATCH THE MOVIE, BUY THE BOOK… TELL THE WORLD and continue reading this blog for a real insight to who this beautiful couple are…


Let me Paint you a picture… (or just look at my photos #haha) Paul and I are going to be selling coffees around Australia, we have just set up the machine, so we invited Damon and Zoe to be our 1st guests…. Zoe was jumping off the walls the coffee was THAT good!!!  #bluebuscafe 

Meet Zoe…

 qqqqqq So even though this is legit my 2nd interview (haha #wingit) I had to take some serious deep breaths as Zoe was talking, we are so ALIKE… WOW!

SUPER HERO… INTRODUCING “DIMENSION GIRL” … Given the opportunity to be a super hero, Zoe would teleport to other galaxies and be able to adjust to any atmosphere. #inventive q

Star Sign- Cancer

Occupation- Writer, Artist, Actor and MOTHER 🙂  (Yup, she’s awesome)

Dream Job- Anything with peace and Joy (told you she was awesome)

Current home – The hills of Victoria

Collects… Feathers, Crystals, Leaves and paper things. #stopit #soalike #soulsister   

Her Vibe to me… I find Zoes vibe, very authentic, calming, accepting and warm. I instantly feel very nurtured and comfortable in her presence. She is very much “IN THE MOMENT”…. Zoe is just so true to herself, its like she is incredibly empowered and confident. Zoe LOVES her family, “INCREDIBLY.” She is so passionate about supporting her husband and being a mother.. She is super playful and fun with heaps of energy and is absolutely STUNNING! (MILF ALERT) … #wootwhoo 


Her Mission… Zoes mission is to remind people who they are at their essence. (ah, beautiful) 


Lessons of life learnt… (my summary, not word of word) “Connections we have with people are here for a purpose. Push past your limits, Push yourself instead of running away, Own your part in creating a situation that may cause you harm, Push through the uncomfortable blocks/limitations… Find in yourself great love and MOVE FORWARD with it… All of these ‘testing’ times are an opportunity for you grow and learn, they are in an essence a gift ”


Biggest Fear… “The Death of the ones I love, I want to get every second out of life”

Random… Zoe is an experimental pillower and currently has a very comfortable pillow and only needs ONE of these… #impressve… When Zoe thinks of the word Horse, her 1st word to think of is ‘neigh’ which is cute.

Teach us something…  Zoe taught us a breathing technique to deepen our breath and to be peaceful in any moment. AHHHHHHHhhhhhhhh……  Side note, Zoe, has a blog full of mediations that she has written. I have done them all and personally have got a lot out of them, so go find yourself a peaceful relaxing place to chill out and treat yourself to this…. http://www.urthlingz.com/ 

WORDS OF WISDOM (for paul and I) “LOVE EACH OTHER” #done  


Super hero… Given the opportunity to be a super hero, Damon would see people as they are; their pain & history and be able to help them with just only one sentence “understanding me” #heunderstands #sentenceschangelives   Star sign… Aquarius

Current job… Director, author, actor and speaker

Dream job… Doing it #livinghisdream (best)

Current home – the hills

Collects- Nothing, His all about “letting it go” Zoe is the collector for the both of them. 🙂

His vibe… Damon is extremely funny, like I mean not your average haha, that guy is funny, I mean your full on HILARIOUS funny! He is very ambitious, energetic, passionate, compassionate, smart, inquisitive, humble and really beautiful. I find his way so authentic, much like Zoe’s… They are both so comfortable with who they are and are so empowered. He has so much respect and love for his wife, which I find truly inspiring. He certainly is a role model (a funny one). So in short, His a legend . Damons Mission… Convert complex messages into a fun and accessible way #hedoesit #winning   Life lessons learnt- This reality is an illusion, there is something for bigger then us that universally connects us all.

Biggest Fear- ‘Not being liked, it doesn’t consume me, although I am aware of the loop and I CHOOSE not to give it any energy” #sohonest #thankyou #IronicallyILikeHimMoreNow

Teach us something understanding Man… How to count to 10 in Chinese… YUP… In your own time, Please read this following link for instructions… 🙂 http://www.askbennychinese.com/learnings/detail/exp-wht-20070007?h=Basic+Numbers+-+Learn+How+To+Count+From+1+to+99

Words of wisdom… No problem can be solved from the same Level of consciousness that created it.  

Wow…Damon and Zoe have done a lot of self work to get to the point of where they are today. They have taught me that by working on limiting beliefs and focusing on developing your spirit/soul/mind and body you can change those limits you put on yourself and evolve to make all of your dreams come true… Which is exactly what they did… They conquered the fear and did it anyway. WOW…  So, just wondering…. 

  • What are your limiting beliefs?
  • What do you REALLY want?
  • how are you going to make the change?

The future… The future for the 4 of us, is going to basically be a rad friendship that will involve HEAPS of fun… I can’t express enough how much they feel like old friends #lovethatfeeling Thank-you for reading our blog and traveling with us…. #shareit #followus #tellyourmates #followyourdreams

Photography done by Alyce Sophia Procter

Sending you love… 🙂

So whats it really like living in a Bus you ask….

So I want to be completely real and honest about what life in a motorhome/bus/tiny home is like, completely uncensored, no bull shit… Exploring all the positives and the negatives.

To catch up to speed on what the bus looks like and how we renovated it, Read this Blog… https://bluebusjourney.wordpress.com/2015/04/11/the-bus-renovation-journey/

SOooo…. Here it goes… 

I’ve been told so many times that I live the DREAM, which of course its true, it’s “OUR” dream, Although i’d really like to give people a reality check about this. Like any lifestyle choice that we make, its got its ups and downs. Just like having a mortgage, or a full time job etc… It all comes with a package of consequences.

What do I love the most? 

I love LOVE LOVE LOVE love that one minute I am living in the hills, surrounded by rainforest, listening to Paul play music in the tree house that’s next to us and hanging out in a beautiful home with an amazing family by a nice warm fire drinking cups of tea and being woken up by a rooster…


Then next minute… I’m at the beach, living with a bunch of travellers learning how to skate and walking banjo down the beach… Then… I’m in suburbia… Then I’m at a caravan park drinking cups of coffee with grandmas getting knitting patterns…


Living in a bus is the most amazing way to meet people quickly, effortlessly and easily. When we stay with people we are full on apart of their worlds, we live and experience life as they do.

When we lived a, let’s say “normal life” (House, full time work, family events, etc etc) it takes A LONG TIME to develop friendships. For example, I meet someone I like, wanna hang out… “Let’s catch up for coffee somewhere, sometime in our full-time work load, maintenance of living, sex life/partner/family obligations… Yup so I’m free for one hour on Tuesday for the next month” friendships take time… And I personally need to have a strong connection with someone to invest allot of time, as I have so many dreams that absolutely consume me…



So “normal life” friendships take ages (that’s clear), when your on the road and living so closely in people’s worlds it’s like Paul and I just mold in, literally just mold in. The weirdest thing is, as people know we are leaving/moving on, it’s like this urgency to hang out RIGHT NOW… We be a part of whatever it is that we feel, then we move on to the next thing.


We mostly never see them again and just keep in contact over facebook… Which I find challenging at times as I love very deeply and I get very attached to people, which this life style doesn’t support my attachments and is constantly confronting me to “let go” .. Paul isn’t bothered by this AT ALL, and is really in the moment and looks forward, I on the other hand absolutely struggle…


“Hey Stranger, Can I look at your bus? “

So strangers, complete strangers, some we haven’t even gotten to the point of knowing there names yet ask “can I have a look inside?” ALL THE TIME…  Like every single day.

Just imagine random crew saying all the time “do you mind if I have a look at your house?” … “Do you have a shower?” “Like, where do you sleep?” It’s such a bizarre experience, esp when you JUST meet. I dunno about you, but when I’m in some mansion suburb, I’ve always thought “wonder what they fill that house with?” And feel it’s just way too unrealistic to ask if I could have a tour, although with a bus its a different process. We have worked so hard to have this bus and are really proud, so luckily, I’m open… Yet… It’s still weird… Like this is where i LIVE… “Sure, come have a look stranger”

Everything has its spot… EVERYTHING!!!! 


I know minimal living is a real “thing” at the moment… Same as the tiny house movement.. Which makes sense as we really do consume so much STUFF.. Although, to be 100% clear and honest, there is no surprise  that we have chosen possible the biggest motorhome we can get… Hec if I could afford it I would tow a trailer on the back for more “stuff”… I love my things and we have a long line of hoarders in my family, just ask my Uncle Rob…. Im sure his favourite most used quote is “you’ll need that one day”…. Once again, I don’t have the freedom of storage and once again I am taught to “let go”

I have to be, not because I want to be a hipster saving the world by consuming products then feeling guilty by owning too much, then putting it all in land fill thinking I’m a health conscious champion, I literally, due to my limited storage have to be so mindful about what I have.

I have blue blood, I love beauty and I love quality. So anything shit GONE (To the op-shop)… My process of elimination

  • Is it spectacular?
  • Is it useful?
  • Is it quality?
  • Is it beautiful?
  • Will it fit? (this is the hardest question)

Here’s a message I need to remind myself off…. Sigh…  

Travelling with stuff…. 

Say we have a party, it’s massive, and fun and people are dancing on the couch, jumping on the bed and it’s all happening… Then… Next morning we need to head off too I dunno, a tropical beach… (that sounds ideal) And as we head off I see that a wine bottle is left on the bench… A few things could potentially happen…

  1. It falls of the bench and flies off on to the back of my head… I die…
  2. Cracks open on to our light coloured couch and stains it
  3. Nothing, everything is fine and we drink the red wine after we arrive at our new destinations.

EVERYTHING MUST BE IN ITS SPOT, and I mean everything. If your OCD, live on the road…

Yawn. When you are not naturally clean like myself, this bus living is really freaking challenging. You get one thing out and hey hey, the bus now looks like a mess!

There is a positive to cleaning… YUP, i said POSITIVE! 

Before living in the bus, Paul and I lived in a HUGE 5 bedroom house with a very large Backyard (which I loved and miss incredibly) ALTHOUGH, the amount of time Paul and I spent maintaining that house was just epic… When I look at massive mansions, I now think “YOU MUST LOVE CLEANING TO OWN A HOME LIKE THAT” Ha… (suckers) Now my cleaning duties are allot easier… let me break it down for you…

To mop and sweep the house = 2 hours easy

To mop and sweep the Bus = 10 minutes, if that…

See what I’m saying, the less you own, the less you have to clean and that suits me really well… 🙂

Living Expenses 

Power- Free sunlight

Water- We use very litter water, and fill up our tanks at random spots (yes I MISS a long shower)

Garden- None… YAY! (not a green thumb)

Gas- We get those gas in a can things, and they are only about $2 each, so will cost us, maybe $7 a week in Gas

Yup, we basically have no living costs…. We have a loan, Rego, Insurance and Fuel. Living on the road is so much cheaper then living in a house… SO MUCH CHEAPER…. I honestly, never thought id be a Greenie or Hippy Or Going off the Grid Or whatever label surrounds the life style i live, I never thought i would be supporting or promoting a sustainable life, It just worked out of me. It just makes sense.


You are so exposed to the environment and the weather.

Travelling with your Partner 

If you ever decide to travel with anyone, my only advice is… actually, what the hell am i on about, i could give you HEAPS of advice.. haha… Maybe ill list a few… (from my experience)

  • You must ALWAYS be HONEST to each other. ALWAYS!
  • Did i mention that you have to be HONEST… No filter… BE HONEST!
  • Cant express this enough. Be honest.
  • If something is frustrating you, simply, say it… move forward with the view to change it or accept it
  • Take time out, you don’t have to be together all the time
  • Communicate..
  • Make sure your on the same page
  • Be thoughtful
  • share the space
  • Learn to dance around each other (literally)
  • 181791_10150144217631352_2419537_n
  • Have Fun
  • Share special moments together
  • Support each other
  • most importantly love each other



Work is inconstant. There have been so many times that our bank has gone to $0, then before you know it we have thousands. It’s an even flow on the road, with a constant trust that we will get work in the next town. Paul being a Plumber and me, I’ve had so many different jobs, we always manage. Sometimes Pauls incomes supports us, Sometimes mine does. Whatever… it always works out!

For example, At the moment, I’m teaching Art to home schooled Kids, working at an art supply store and nannying… I have 3 jobs, and paul is working in a Cafe… In a few weeks… I won’t have a job and Paul will be plumbing.,, I love it! I never get bored. I dunno how the hell people have stayed in the same job for 20 years? THERE IS JUST SO MUCH TO TRY!

 My family

I am very close with my Mum, Dad, Brother, Oma and Pa. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH, and I miss them incredibly. I feel so sad that I miss out on things. This is the hardest part of travelling for me. My heart Aches I miss them so much.




Being on the road is a constant trust on following your heart… We don’t plan ANYTHING, and we just go wherever feels good… We have the most amazing opportunity to just trust ourselves and see what happens. It is the most freeing feeling EVER! I LOVE IT! this is the reason why I travel. I follow my heart. #best.



BONUS BLOG FEATURE… we are going to be interviewing people in the bus, Paul is the 1st one to be interviewed… ARE YOU EXCITED TO MEET PEOPLE AROUND AUS? I AM… Enjoy!


Love from, Alyce, Paul and Banjo.


Hello, Welcome to my world of the Blue bus Journey. This blog is uncensored and an honest documentation on whats it like to travel Australia in a bus. I will be interviewing people I find interesting and places that give me a strong feeling and also situations that trigger insight or an opportunity to reflect. Enjoy #shareourstory #liveyourtruth

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Ben… Dub Fx

Hooray, I am traveling Australia in my newly renovated bus with my beautiful partner Paul and dog Banjo. We will be interviewing people who are interesting, places we go and experiences that we have… To check out our bus… Read about the bus journey here The Bus renovation Journey #shareourblog #followus

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 Why do I want to Interview Dub FX? 


well, When I was 18, I left a small country town (lake Tyres) and moved to Prahran to my dads pad… when I was living there, I was seeing a beautiful man named Dan, who is now a barrister in the city, and travels the world (really interesting guy). We would always go on epic adventures together. We went to stkildafest together, and this is when I met one of the most inspiring musicians of my life… DUB FX! 


I was poor (had $10 to my name), was working in a high-end shoe store on chapel st getting paid $12 an hour… and I HATED it!… The ladies i met were just soooooooo different from all the country women that it was seriously like a massive culture shock, I actually lost my job from there, as i called everyone “mate”. Bahaha! (dicks)… MUST FOCUS! …. So it all ties back to Dub Fx… lol.. Right! So I’m at st Kilda fest with Dan, checking out all the stuff happening, and i see this street performer/busker… And i was just mesmerised by him… I stopped, sat down (right in front).. closed my eyes and just travelled with him and his music… So he does this epic thing (i don’t know the technical words) he records his sound, then loops it, and sings over the top of it…. Watch this youtube Clip… you’ll get the jist. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DsYdXWnW2uI I KNOW RIGHT! AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I did the only thing that a normal person would do… INVEST ALL YOUR MONEY IN WHAT YOU LOVE, Bought the album, literally became pennyless, happy as a pig in shit with music that made me happy! #liveyourdreams #supportpeoplewhoinspireyou

7 YEARS LATER… (yup, 7 years) 

Paul and I are living In the hills of victoria, Paul is having a break from plumbing, and has been working at his Aunties Cafe called Evolve, which is the place-to-be in the hills… check it here http://www.broadsheet.com.au/melbourne/food-and-drink/directory/cafe/evolve-fair-food-store Dub FX eats here, and Paul was telling me that he met him. I LOST MY SHIT! NO WAY! I told paul he was amazing…





Unfortunately, One of my dear friends had commit-Suicide and I just found out, my heart felt like someone had punched me so hard that all I could do was cry, I called my Aunty Denise as i couldn’t stop crying, and she met me at the front of evolve and held me until i could breathe again… WOW… I sat in the cafe next to the fire with make up all over my face, eyes red and feeling sad. Then Dub FX came in… Paul invited him to sit next to me to cheer me up… (not going to lie, it did) … We talked for a while then he invited us over to his pad and i thought doing an interview would be ideal, considering this is what we want to do as we travel… meet interesting people… And what a perfect person…

Lets cut to the chase..

Me just before we left to go hang out,  jumping on the trampoline in the sunshine.. 👌

.ABOUT Dub Fx… Ben… 

Dub lives in this magical house surrounded by trees, his view is seriously supurb. Scattered around his home, are art works that he has collected from around the world. WOW. Like seriously… WOW…





 Bens energy to me, is very strong and grounding. I feel that as a performer he seems very comfortable with his ‘VOICE” and speaks with so much self-belief and awareness. It was really comforting to hear a man who really speaks with honesty and doesn’t hold back. Its as though fear of social situations has completely left him and is completely comfortable with who he is. He is so raw and authentic and it’s no surprise why I was attracted to his music… He is who he is… no bullshit. LOVE IT! #keepinitreal 

 He was born on june the 11th (same as my dad)… on an eclipse…(pretty cool) So Gemini… 🙂


Paul and I were telling him about the bus, and he told us, ….WAIT FOR IT… (it gets more amazing) He travelled around Europe for years in a “BUS” busking!!! There hasn’t been many young people that i have met who have also traveled in a bus, and it’s really nice feeling to be understood.


ub Fx, started busking doing Jack Johnson style beats, until he was told that his stuff was too “nice” by a massive Jamaican dude in europe, Dub FX thought “fuck it,if they don’t want nice, i’ll give them nasty”… and changed his style to a more gritty and raw style. He learnt beats from MC’s on the street in England and shaped his music to what it is today in a massive way.


BLOG EXERCISE… (yup, a challenge for YOU) 

Put some headphones on, put your feet up, close your eyes and LISTEN to his music. Feel what you feel when you listen to him, Take the time to HEAR his VOICE, his sound, his vibe, his story, and let it take you on an experience.


 DUB FX plays music as it sets him free, it gives him an open space to be able to express himself and of course to have FUN. When DUB is in the moment of playing, its as though time is suspended and there is nothing but the moment itself.


Ben loves that he is HERE, he is alive, that everything and nothing exists simultaneously. Being one with the universe is his souls mission and to make the most of the 3D reality that we are all traveling in. 

 The most profound thing that he told me which is a valuable lesson. As i looked at this huge house, his nice car, his amazing sound systems/studio and all that he had CREATED around him, i said, “dude, all because of yourself belief, you created this” and he looked at me and said “i created this because i worked hard, so many people have self belief and wait around for magic to happen and of course it never does… This didn’t happen over night, I worked hard this” (thats not word for word, thats just what i remember lol) His success of what he does and just for who he is, i believe is a combination of self love, luck, hard work, a wiliness to be open, having a strong awareness and PASSION. Dub Fx (ben) Is a man of love and what a blessing he is to share with the world his story through his music. He really opened up a space for me to think about what do I want to work hard for? …. And I’m curious, what do you want to achieve and what are you willing to work hard for? Dub Fx shows that you CAN achieve anything with the right ingredients… 


Some wisdom from ben… Everybodys universe makes sense to them.

Thank you for being open to my truth and for coming on a experience with me… And Ben, thank you for opening your heart to Paul and I…. You as a soul are profound! 

The Bus Renovation Journey

Hooray, I am traveling Australia in my newly renovated bus with my beautiful partner Paul and dog Banjo. We will be interviewing people who are interesting, places we go and experiences that we have… #shareourblog #follow 

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This is the most epic this I’ve done..

So… This renovation has without a doubt been the most EPIC thing that I have ever done… EVER!!!  I’ll do my best to describe the journey with you…. .

WHEN I WAS 13…. I grew up on a small little coastal island, called Phillip island… I found island life very beautiful and felt very connected to the ocean although it was very surfer skater battles, lots of sexual energy and lots of pretentiousness. The culture was very much like the TV show Puberty Blues… In fact, watch that, and you’ll understand… 



When i was 14 and after a huge court case between my Mum and Dad, we moved to a rural farm in Lake Tyres. This is the Farm below… 🙂

. Mum and Suttos Farm

As you can see, it’s amazing… I loved living there… It took me away from a place of drama and gave me space to focus on myself… I learnt to love myself here, its very special… My brother and I became very close and we did everything together… We honestly, just had the best time… 🙂 Im so grateful that my Mother made the choice to move us there (I hated being away from my dad though) 

Half of the farm is for sale if you’d like to have a look.. Farm for sale, click here
Photos of Farm life.. 






When the dream begun… I used to go to the local travel agent and get those travel books of places you could go around Australia, and used to dream of traveling Australia… Its ALWAYS ALWAYS… always, been my dream to travel Australia… Did  mention that it ALWAYS been my dream?

5 years later…. I met Paul when I was 17… Only a young little lass (lol) … I just got home from school one day (yes, in my school uniform) and there was a roof leak in our farmhouse, so Paul the Plumber (with his sexiness) came over to check out the leak and assess the problem… As soon as I saw him, i had BUTTERFLIES, umm, i think i actually floated up in to the air and i dunno, probably looked like a freak and just STARED at him… haha! Anyways, My mum bought me a bus (well swapped some cows for a bus) … A classic country deal. It was my art studio and basically was just full of canvas and paint… I LOVE ART

So paul asked me whose bus, i said mine… then he said he lived in a bus… and I dunno what happened that day… Although it was magical…. I finally found someone who just, GOT ME!

This is what Paul looked liked when I first met him…


This is my 1st car Jingo and my bus in the background…


3 YEARS LATER…. Paul found me on Facebook…. Some could say he was s stalker! haha (Although, i didn’t mind)… Just to stalk him back, i gave him my number straight away, and we spent every night one the phone, and sometimes I fell asleep talking to him… OH GOSH. Such a classic…

Paul then, asked me the big question… WANNA COME ON A TRIP WITH ME?… I said, “YES” haha… So we travelled together for a while up the east coast…

Some Photos…








After traveling for about a year, I decided that i wanted to move back to Melbourne and study Art Therapy… so We did… And I am now proudly a quailified Art Therapist. 


While I studied Art Therapy, We lived in Mt Martha and made the decision to renovate the bus… And boy, we had no idea what we were getting ourselves in to! Like NONE. 

This is what the bus looked like before we started… 






Why did we want to renovate? 

  • Paul whipped this up, in a need to just hit the road after family conflict, and just wanting to get the hell out of the rat race and taste freedom…
  • The colours were dark, and I wanted more open space
  • The storage wasn’t very good (i have A LOT of clothes)
  • It sounded like a fun project
  • It just needed to be re-done

In short, We made a choice that we wanted to spend a few more years on the road and have children travelling, and for me to commit to that, I wanted to live in a space that was OURS, the way WE wanted and I wanted my dream bus… So after many many chats… we chose YES! LETS DO IT! (yes, i know i have blue blood) I just like quality… ok! LOL!

Our biggest inspiration… 


I basically just wanted the bus to looked EXACTLY like this!… Fresh, Open, coastal, practical, Classy, beautiful and relaxing… I mean, come on, how could you not want to travel Australia in a space like that?

THE START…. Ripping out all the old stuffs… This was really fun…. You know releasing anger etc.. 





Re-do the ceiling… The electrical, the installation  the new roof…


Colour… We chose to use the colour white, to keep the space open… and give the illusion that the space is bigger than what it really is… 🙂 I have done hours and hours of research on colour design and theory…

Here it is, painted white… lol!



I cried,,.. and screamed… and got so mad… WAH. I wanted to give up, then and there… This was going to take such a long time, we didn’t have the skills and i just wanted to get the hell out of Melbourne and back on the beach…. RAHHH! Paul, bless his cotton socks, is calm, grounded and a lot more practical then me, said ” we can DO THIS, we just need to work hard together” … I said “okkkkkkkkkk” and we just got on with it… (this whole process took us a year and sent us broke)

The start of re-building the bus… (F%@$@^!^) 

Taking off every single PANEL… YUP< EVERY single one of them…


Then, cutting out ALL of the rust, and re-welding new steel to the frame….



BONUS, My dearest and best friend Luke, is a welder and helped us a lot in teaching us how and coming down to give us a hand… I will be forever grateful for his support! One day I will do something super special for him… Luke if you’re reading this, I LOVE YOU! Thank you so much! x



After we welded the new frame, we painted it with NO RUST Paint… (piss off rust and NEVER COME BACK) Here are the before and after shots… No more rust… THANK GOD FOR THAT! THAT WAS SO EPIC! BLAHHHHH!


NOW… To Re-Do the Panels… We decided that instead of using steel again, the aluminium was a much better material to work with, as… IT DOESN’T RUST! haha. Hurray. Plus it’s lighter… (certainly NOT cheaper)

The process of re-panneling … 

Step 1… Get a piece of aluminium and cut it to the right size to fit on to the bus… Yup, you read correctly… CUT EVERY SINGLE PIECE OUT… like the biggest jigsaw puzzle you have ever done… (i wanted to give up again) Paul just kept on going and going and going… WHAT A MAN!


Step 2. Once the aluminium was cut, we have to scratch it so the paint would stick to it… We have spend HOURS scratching aluminium… HOURS! Buy the end, My muscles were pretty big, I don’t want to brag, although… they were massive! lol!

Step 3. Undercoat paint…



Step 4. Write quotes in the frame for what we wanted for our journey… This is crucial! lol


Step 5. Put the installation in the cavity the put some sikaflex (a really super strong glue) then rivet the panels on… I LOVED THE RIVET GUN>>> L.O.V.E.D ITTTTTT!







Step 6. Once the panels were all up, we did another undercoat of paint…  Paul’s father Ron (i like to call him Ronny) Is a spraypainter… I KNOW, best mate a welder, Father in law a spraypainter… HOW LUCKY ARE WE!!! With his amazing skills, he helped us through the whole job of spraying it! We LOVED having him around and really enjoyed him being apart of it! Ron has been the most supportive person with us doing the bus reno’s, coming on epic adventures, finding supplies, designing it, listening to all our frustrations… Safe to say, if it wasn’t for Ron, I don’t think we would of done it! We love him incredibly!


Step 7. The fun bit… The colour. When choosing what design to do for the bus, we decided we wanted something really simple and nice… Sure i’d love to have a crazy artwork on there, although, Paul looking the way he does, living in a motorhome just attracts the cops… and we want to be their friends, lol, so we opt out on something crazy and expressive to a simple design… A design that reminded us both of home… THE BEACH… We chose these 3 colours…


Step 8… spraying it… Father and son bonding!




Step 9… CELEBRATE< IT’S DONE>>>>>> We got drunk and refused to look in the bank account!


GETTING A ROAD WORTHY… In short it took over a month to get that done and cost $7,700 just for the RWC! WAHHHHHHHH! BREATHE! Anyway we did so much to get to that point, we just paid it and got on with it!

NOW, for the inside… 

We got a kitchen from Ikea, I know,right… IKEA. An IKEA KITCHEN IN A BUS (who would of thought)…  I LOVE IKEA. Ikea was affordable, had all draws, was easy to build! We triple enforced everything so it wouldn’t break… and we are so happy with it!




THE COUCH… the couch was drama town, we wanted something the would fit, and also that was long enough for someone to sleep on… We finally found one and we love it. Perfect fit, Perfect everything!



The Shower… I went to local tile shops and brought old tiles, I think i probably only spent $30 on the shower base, and I made my very 1st mosaic (with some tips from my Mum)… a Mandala… I really enjoyed the process… I didn’t really plan any of it, it just kinda happened, and i am really happy with it…





Then we finished the rest with just stuffs… (I’m sick of explaining it now.. haha, so use your imagination) 

The finished product photos…. OUR BEAUTIFUL HOME!









We have just put in a coffee machine to sell coffees and art at markets and festivals…. Whoo hooo. If you see us come say hi… 



 Pretty close to having it the same as our goal image right? 


Thank you for being a part of the journey with us by reading this… I could go in to so much more detail, although, I just wanted to show you how hard we have worked to make this happen… There have been plenty of times when we have had NO money and have had to eat at paul’s parents house… And we have also had the most amazing times, with laughs, dancing, learning and the most positive experience for our relationship to grow strong and know that together WE can achieve anything! ITS TIME TO GO… and thank god we have a bus and can! The hard work has certainly paid off… x we are FREEEEEEEE to do whatever the hell we want! SHIT YES! (Luckily we want to travel Australia haha) 

Stay tuned for more travelling adventures..

Sending you all Love and remember you have the power within you to achieve your dreams. X 

❤️About Alyce, Paul and Banjo

Who are we?

Photo on 18-05-14 at 7.14 PM #7

IMG_9179  IMG_7410

IMG_7268  IMG_7261

Who are we? What are we doing? How are we doing it? and WHY?

Hello beautiful person, My name is Alyce Procter, my Partners name is Paul Norman and our dog is Banjo… We are about to travel around Australia in a 35ft blue bus Whooo hoooo!!! … Welcome to our blog! 🙂

1stly, lets start of with the cutest member of our family…


xxxxxxxxxxxxx 1477457_516264075147960_977714218_n

IMG_9252 IMG_8469

Banjo Facts

  • His Jack Russell cross Red ‘Heal’er … Yup, I dunno how it happened either lol.
  • Loves long walks on the beach
  • Enjoys pissing on trees
  • Hogs the bed
  • Always barks at possums
  • Gives the best cuddles
  • Has a fetish for chasing golf balls?…

He his our fur baby, we take him everywhere and love his beautiful kind heart… (just look at those freckles, is your heart melting yet?)

Now for the 2nd cutest member of the Family… ME… (jokes, its Paul)


Photo on 26-01-13 at 9.21 PM #2



About Paul (The Normal stuff) 

Age- 35

Star sign- Capricorn

Job Occupation- Plumber, Barrister and starting Musician

Interests – Traveling, Music, Animal rights, Building (renovations), Surfing (anything to do with water really, no surprise he is a plumber) Art, People, Rock Climbing and Pizza.

Facts about Paul.. 

  • Paul can knit and sew so well that he can talk to any grandma for hours
  • Has a large cluster of freckles just above his bum due to showing is plumbers crack for years (so CUTE)
  • His OBESSED with pizza
  • Drinks whisky with coke
  • whenever swimming in the ocean he always tries to go as deep as he can then set mini goals with himself about how long he can hold his breath for (he froths hard about it)
  • every single new place we go, he will analizye the WHOLE BUILDING, and then tell me EVERY SINGLE thing that isn’t right about it… aka, his a MASSIVE perfectionist… now I do it, and I’m still wigging out about the down pipe i saw today that was on a lean by 2 inches, lol
  • he can roar like a lion so well that it makes me wonder if he was infact a lion in his past life
  • He has NO shame what so ever about farting, and proceeds to tell everyone about how due to his choice not to eat meat that they do NOT smell (I disagree)
  • He can talk to anyone, about anything, for hours…
  • He wakes me up with kisses everyday
  • he randomly skates around the streets listening to rage against the machine on his long board skateboard
  • he has a very low tolerance for disrespect
  • Paul isn’t one to keep friendships going, he is so in the moment and focuses on whats in front of him, which is normally me lol!
  • He has a beautiful soul and is an amazing man



Why does paul want to Travel?

“I travel because freedom is the most important thing to me, freedom to explore, discover myself, to meet amazing people, to share experiences, to open my mind to new things… to live…. I am most alive when I am moving” By Paul..

ok… Now…

About Alyce…



Name- Alyce Sophia Procter

Age- 25

Star sign- Leo

Job Occupations – Art Therapist, Art Teacher, Swimming Teacher, Carer, Retail assistant (working in an Art store) , Wanna be Artist and Life model

Interest’s- Art, (painting, drawing, sewing, ink, EVERYTHING ART etc etc) Travel, Music, Dance, Food, anything ocean related, Birth, Photography, Farming, Art Therapy, Sex, Teaching, Education, OMG> SO MUCH!







Facts About Alyce 

  • I smell EVERYTHING… obsessively almost
  • I LOVE astrology… what star sign are you?
  • I never finish a cup of tea (hate it when it goes cold)
  • I have watched a crazy amount of birthing videos and day dream about being a birth photographer way to much (are you pregnant? can I please take photos? lol)
  • Family is everything… EVERYTHING!
  • I forgive and forget easily…
  • I question everything, Why? How? Who? Whennnnn?
  • Basically every single piece of clothing I own in from the op shop
  • I look at the world like a photo
  • Lip stick is my thing… LOVE IT!
  • When I make art, I go in to a happy world, nothing makes me happier then listening to my favorite tunes and making art
  • I sleep talk ALLOT
  • I could Knit for hours and hours and hours and hours
  • Finishing the sides of my canvas is painnnnnnnful
  • I drink honey whisky (yum)
  • There is ALWAYS paint on my hands
  • I’m going to start boogie boarding with a snorkel (shit yeah, frothing)

Why do I Travel?



Sending love your way! x


Hello world!

Hooray, I am traveling Australia in my newly renovated bus with my beautiful partner Paul and dog Banjo. We will be interviewing people who are interesting, places we go and experiences that we have… To check out our bus… Read about the bus journey, click here —> The Bus renovation Journey #shareourblog #followus

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